Penguins are SquaredAwayDads

Who goes to the cinema with the SquaredAwayKids to actually watch a film?  I am trained to sleep in any position, in any environment, and the warm cavernous multiplex is the perfect place to get your fat head down.  Most parents have been subjected to the musical extravaganza that is Happy Feet.  If you managed to stay awake, you may have learnt some important lessons.

It is possible that Emperor Penguins are nature’s most SquaredAwayDads?  They spend the summer hunting for seafood, drag themselves out of the sea and walk inland for some mating.  The SquaredAwayMum Penguin lays a single egg and then has to return to the sea to eat for two solid months.

This leaves the SquaredAwayDad Penguin responsible for the egg throughout the freezing Antartic Winter.  He uses his sumptuous belly folds to insulate the egg, which he has to balance carefully between the tops of his feet.  In freezing winds and temperatures of -30°C he is responsible for the survival of the next generation.  By the time SquaredAwayMum Penguin returns, he has lost nearly half his bodyweight.

At one point Happy Feet mirrors the harrowing winter scenes from the March of the Penguins documentary.  Memphis barely survives the winter and the egg produces a tone deaf, tap dancing penguin, unlike all the others, called Mumble.

So what can we take away from this film?  All children are different.  Memphis didn’t like the fact that his offspring wanted to dance rather than sing and this made their relationship very difficult.  When Memphis squares himself away, he accepts his son for who he is and ends up dancing with him.  Mumble goes on to put an end to the environmental devastation in the Antarctic.




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