How to save money on high street coffee

coffee prices

Sometimes it feels like the day hasn’t properly started until my system has been rebooted with a boiling hot cup of coffee. When my sleep has been rudely interrupted throughout the night by one of SquaredAwayWife’s dogs or children and I have to be ‘on point’ at work, then I need some high octane wakey-wakey juice. However, I don’t want to pay through the nose for it. What are my options?


Average Coffee Price. I am a Dad and coffee is important to me. According to BBC coverage of a recent study, drinking coffee is safe and three to four cups a day may have some health benefits. I grind my own beans and enjoy brewing my coffee properly at the weekend. When I am out and about during the week, I am forced to buy from the high street. Now I am a firm believer that life is too short to drink instant coffee (or crap wine), but I am also keen to keep my finances squared away. The average cost of a Medium (no, it’s not a bloody Venti, it’s a Medium) Cappuccino in London is an eye watering £2.57. If you buy one every day during the working week, that will set you back £51.40 per month (or 616.80 per year).


Experimenting with Cappuccino. Many people consider Cappuccino to be a child’s milky drink – favouring the manlier and slightly more continental Espresso. However, as I am already slightly hyperactive, I need to monitor my caffeine intake. I have therefore used Cappuccino as the baseline – but you can read across for other types of hot beverage. Most Coffee Express machines, such as the ones you might find in the petrol station, are a disappointment and do not meet the primary requirement for my brew to be hotter than the sun. I admit that I got a Waitrose loyalty card just so that I could get free coffee from the machine and I often buy a banana for 25p just to get my caffeine infused reward, but their particular brand tastes like ash trays. I have therefore limited the search parameters for this study to coffee served only by human Baristas. I decided to conduct a coffee experiment to compare costs of some of the high street brands. As part of my research, I discovered that the caffeine levels appeared to be wildly different – this is clearly important if your search is for maximum rocket fuel for your money. I have also been forced by SquaredAwayWife to watch my calories.


Coffee Comparison. The Coffee in the top five was as expected – just so expensive that it may as well have been made from mermaid’s tears. Costa had enough caffeine in their concoction to give me severe palpitations and forced me to body pop my way to the nearest public convenience. Wild Bean was cheaper and palatable. In this case a balance needs to be struck rather than just a bargain sought. Greggs does sell the cheapest cappuccino, but it tastes of cat piss and has lumps in it. I do not usually frequent McDonalds and was therefore pleasantly surprised when I dropped in for a brew and found it to be pretty awesome. The coffee was good – and it was 60p cheaper than the main players. I also enjoyed my visit to Pret, where I discovered Filter Coffee being sold for 99p. It was really good, it was freshly brewed and ready straight away. Best of all it wasn’t a child’s milky drink and I felt quite manly.



  1. I only ever buy coffee in Starbucks or Costa as a treat or if I’m out all day and need a high dose of caffeine! Otherwise its a flask and my own homemade brewed coffee or Nescafe Americano for me since I cant justify spending up to £3 on one cup when I could buy a whole jar in the supermarket!

    I love your blog by the way 🙂

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    • Thank you. I just can’t drink the instant stuff – I know it’s expensive on the high street, but life’s too short. We all need our vices. I am still training myself to drink the cheaper filter stuff too. 😎☕️


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